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Deborah Horne | Larry Simon

The Principals

Deborah Horne

Deborah began her career in the financial industry in 1979 with Ernst & Young. She was employed by the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) in the period 1983 until 2000 and in her role as General Manager, Compliance & Surveillance was instrumental in establishing, developing, administering and managing the compliance and surveillance functions of the SFE, and its subsidiary, the NZFOE.

Since 2000, Deborah has provided independent compliance consulting advice to futures exchanges, securities exchanges and financial service providers offering a broad range of financial products.

Deborah holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance and Systems from the University of New South Wales and was (until 2006) a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Larry Simon

Larry began his career in 1988, entering the financial markets in 1997. He has undertaken general management activities and performed compliance roles in a retail broking firm operating across margin foreign exchange, equities and futures products.

He has a practical background, coupled with IT, front and back office and compliance experience. He also had responsibilities for nurturing a strong and healthy relationship with the regulators across a diverse range of financial products.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics in Accounting, Finance and Business Law from Macquarie University.