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Products and Services

Licensing and Compliance Consulting
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Lazorne Group Pty Ltd (formerly Compliance Consulting Pty Ltd) (“Lazorne Group”) was established in March 2002 and is a company that specialises in providing consulting services in regulatory compliance to the financial services industry. Thus, Lazorne Group assists its clients in meeting their ongoing legislative obligations from a compliance perspective. The services offered include:

  • Licensing (and variations to licenses);
  • Ongoing compliance i.e. establishment of compliance infrastructure;
  • Compliance Committee meetings;
  • Compliance advice;
  • Documentation of Policies, Procedures and Programs;
  • Compliance training; and
  • Compliance “Health Checks” and ongoing monitoring of compliance obligations.

Ongoing Training and Regulatory Update
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It is not only good practice, but often a legal requirement, to provide ongoing training to representatives of your organisation. This enables you to demonstrate staff competency in the services you provide to your clients.

To assist in this process, Lazorne Group currently publishes a monthly Regulatory Update newsletter, which provides its clients with timely information about developments and on topical issues concerning the financial markets in Australia.

Our aim is to keep clients informed of recent events, developments and/or upcoming changes in legislation that may impact upon their business.