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About Compliance Consulting

Lazorne Group Pty Ltd ATF ComplianceConsulting Unit Trust (“Compliance Consulting”) was previously known as Compliance Consulting Pty Ltd. The company commenced operations in March 2002 and changed its name when it expanded its operations. It now trades as Lazorne Group Pty Limited.

Lazorne Group tries to support and enhance its customers’ compliance and regulatory requirements. As an independent organisation we offer an additional line of defence in an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment.

It is important to distinguish between “compliance” procedures and “supervisory” procedures.

  • Written compliance procedures generally cover the applicable rules and policies and describe prohibited practices (such as a Compliance Manual or other company Policy and Procedure documents).

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  • Written supervisory procedures document the supervisory and monitoring systems that have been established to monitor and confirm that the compliance procedures are being followed and to prevent and detect prohibited practices.

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In other words, Licensees should be able to evidence both its compliance procedures (written governing documents) and the ongoing monitoring of compliance with those compliance procedures.

Compliance Consulting assists its clients in preparing both its compliance and supervisory procedures (and training staff in their use). In other words, we assist in providing our clients with the tools to be self sufficient in managing their regulatory obligations.

The introduction of penalties (both civil and criminal) for non-compliance by a company or an individual is but one of the many reasons that make it necessary for organisations to ensure they have adequate internal controls and procedures to comply with the various financial services regulations in Australia and the conditions imposed on their Australian Financial Services Licence.

A solid defence strategy will carry you through any number of unexpected eventualities. Good planning, good preparation and a good defence are imperative in today’s highly regulated environment.

We work hard to provide solutions to issues before they happen – to cultivate a culture of compliance, to create solid internal controls and procedures and to draft workable and practical policies and procedures including compliance plans and programs.

The services we offer include:

  1. Licensing (and variations to licenses);
  2. Establishment of compliance infrastructure;
  3. Compliance advice;
  4. Documentation of Policies, Procedures and Programs;
  5. Compliance Committee meetings; and
  6. Compliance "Health Checks" and ongoing monitoring of compliance obligations.

We note that we are not "the regulators", but rather an independent impartial team that will provide you with an objective viewpoint.

It is important to understand that our findings are designed to support and help your staff. In fact, this is the essence of our value add - we try to identify any weaknesses in your compliance practices before any mishaps.

The benefits we can offer you:

  • We provide support to your compliance team.
  • We are a sympathetic ear with whom your compliance team can discuss ideas and check their understanding and interpretation of the various regulations.
  • We carry out compliance “Health Checks” and perform ongoing monitoring of compliance obligations.
  • We offer an independent and objective viewpoint.
  • We cultivate and foster a compliance regime and culture.
  • We provide non-threatening reports.
  • We draft practical and realistic policy and procedure documents.
  • We draft compliance plans and programs.
  • We assist in the application process for your Australian Financial Services Licence or to apply to vary that licence.
  • We specialise in compliance training, which also counts towards Continued Education.
  • We provide support to your compliance team.

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